3A Code of Conduct
At the start of each semester, we will create a group agreement, otherwise known as a code of conduct that has been written collectively. (As a reference, we might refer to the School for Poetic Computation’s code of conduct).

Each person must add at least one item! Please list below

Classroom Agreement

We Do

Paying attention when instructor is talking
Be direct when cooperating in groups. (Let others know if any problems arise so the group can accommodate for you.)
Don’t waste time in class.
Be patient with yourself and your classmates.
Evaluating the process. How can we reflect on the work that we’ve done and push it forward?
Ask for what you need & show up for each other
Full time participation
Step up, step back (asking questions, pushing a conversation forward)

Our Values

Offer constructive criticism. Rather than saying “I don’t like this,” explain why
Providing actionable comments during critiques
Be respectful of each other’s work
Respecting our schedule and time.
Being focused with the time/Be somewhat quiet during studio work time

We Don’t Do

Don’t leave Dunkin, Starbucks, etc.
Please avoid using social media, e-mail, chat messages etc. during class time.
We don’t work on our assignments when they’re due.

Classroom Etiquette

Respect shared spaces
Print before class/Be ready with materials
Be on time
Get to know every single persons


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