3,000-word Research Paper
Students will write a 3,000-word research paper on an historical, ethical, or professional issue related to creative nonfiction. (See below for faculty- and mentor-suggested topics, from which you can choose. Or you can suggest your own topic, which must be approved in advance.)
This is not an academic essay assignment. It’s an opportunity for you to think more deeply about broader issues in creative nonfiction. We’re looking for a thoughtful, well-sourced, well-crafted and carefully argued personal narrative of 3,000 words, more or less. Think, and make us think. Remember, it’s also a writing assignment. Make us want to read it. (You don’t need to do academic footnoting but if your sources are not apparent from the text and context, make sure they’re flagged in endnotes or some other way.) 
You will also read and comment on at least 5 other research papers posted in Dropbox. 

Deadline for selecting research paper subject: Midnight September 1. Submit to stephen.kimber@ukings.ca

Deadline for submitting paper: Midnight October 24. Submit to stephen.kimber@ukings.ca

Deadline for responses to 5 other papers: Midnight November 14.