2/8/2018 PGO Core Meeting Minutes
2/5/2018 PGO Minutes
Chris Pilsner, Irene Dujovne, Yuko Mizutani, Kerry Crosby, Sheilah Jones, Toni Cunningham, Lisa Berry and Becky Miller

-Vote to accept 1/8/18 core minutes
-PGO website presentation by Chris Pilsner and discussion
-Updates from last meeting
-Updates for future scheduled events
-Toni’s Pie Chart and discussion
-Kids and Social Media and Cell Phone Use: PGO school wide meeting topic? Other forum?
-PGO policy about promoting non-school related events, petitions, etc.
-Update re: fundraising meeting with Nick Yaffe
-Volunteers: are we tappinginto the volunteer database as best as we can?
-Formulate a message about kids’ opportunities at the UMass library 21st floor?
-Eric Summers/math circles-reach out?  How to tap into his expertise?

Website Review and Analysis
-Chris Pilsner presented on her review of our website and made suggestions for improvement
-Chris Pilsner will email her powerpoint presentation to PGO
-Irene Dujovne and and Yuko Mizutani will review presentation in a subcommittee meeting and plan follow up presentation to PGO with their suggestions

PGO Identified Areas in Need of Improvement
-We identified areas that are in need of improvement within the PGO:
-Increase accessibility for people to get connected with PGO
-Increase diversity on PGO
-Increasing public awareness about PGO accomplishments, how funding is used
-Improve and increase fundraising efforts

-Minutes were approved
-Lisa Berry will send minutes to Toni Cunningham
-Lisa Berry will highlight action items in color from here on
-Lisa Berry will enter notes from minutes regarding Chorus from 12/8 and 1/8 in Events and Tasks Database 

Blog Improvement
-Consider titling blog as “Latest News” to more accurately represent and present contents
-Consider asking class parents to request testimonials from current parents that could be posted to our blog stating what they like about Wildwood which could be used to help fundraising (Valley Gives)

Valley Gives
-Irene Dujovne requested assistance with Valley Gives (which happens in May).  It was decided that:
  • The contact name will be Irene Dujovne
  • If Irene is not around Kerry or Sheilah will assist
  • Irene needs help with advertising (should start in April).  She will talk to Becky Miller about what specifically we need for this and Becky will send out information to volunteer data base
  • Discussed asking people who donate if they would consent to having their name and a quote about why they gave used on the website.  Different languages, cultures could be represented would 

Testimonials on Blog and Valley Gives
-Sheilah Jones and Toni Cunningham will come up with a testimonial template
-Becky Miller will reach out to people on volunteer database who said they would be interested in marketing/communication.