2019 Year End Giving Campaign 

1. Intro

I coordinated a 5 million dollar campaign for Mariners Church.

In December, Mariners launched its 2019 Year-End Giving Campaign. We had a huge document of statistics that we had collected over the course of 2019 and we wanted to show the work Marinesr had done. 

My role was to showcase the impact our financial aid made in 2019 on our social and digital channels. Our goal was to inspire our members to continue partnering with us in 2020. 

2. Strategy

2.1 Create Comm Strategy 

My first step was to meet with my Comm Director to identify which channel we’d post on and the audience segment on each. Understanding our audience segments would help me determine which statistics would resonate with them and maximize the amount of engagement we received. 
B/c of your giving posts
3 per week
People who are checking Mariners out for the first time. Aren’t familiar with Mariners terms. 

Interested in seeing the social good that Mariners has done in local and international communities

Ex: Don’t refer to baptism’s or how many people got involved in a community group. Instead, highlight statistics about how much money we gave to international organizations or how many under-resourced families we served for Thanksgiving
Graphics: Designers
Copy: Copywriter + Comm Director
Scheduling/Posting: Social Team
Weekly-Every Monday for the month of December

Note: Align stats that go out on Monday with upcoming weekend events
Familiar with Mariners language and terms. 

Okay to refer to internal events. 

Ex: It’s okay to talk about how many people have been baptized for the first time because the audience receiving the newsletter is most likely familiar with that term. 

Graphics: Designers
Copy: Copywriter + Comm Director
Scheduling/Sending: Comm Manager
Weekly-Every Weekend Service
Both people who are joining Mariners for the first time and have been involved for a while. 

Align the stats with the topic of the weekend message series. 

Ex: If the message has a section thanking first responders for their service, add a stat about how many first responder families we’ve served
Graphics: Designers
Copy: Copywriter + Comm Director
Posting: Designers

2.2 Create Coordination Document

Once I developed the strategy with our comm director, I implemented the strategy in a coordination to make sure people would execute on the strategy. 

In this, I included: 
  • What week we’re posting for 
  • What channel we’re posting on
  • The statistics
  • The events that the statistics align with
  • The copy to be included in the post. 

3. Execution 

Below are samples of what was posted on channels