2019 Annual HOA Meeting Agenda
Saturday, July 6, 2019, 1-3pm
Location: Harmony Ridge Townhomes Clubhouse

Call to Order  (Jesse)

  • Introductions
      Owners present: 
       Berube 3D, Grant 4D, Romano 2D, DiPiero 10C, Parker 11B, Davis 12C,   5B, 
       Ashton 10A, Ginopulais 4A, Karl 1D, Quinn, Lyons 6B, Edwards 11A, Phelan 2B plus
       5 proxies.
  • Homeowner survey results (and what we’re doing about it). Here are actual quotes summarizing homeowner concerns:
  • "Past poor performance by board, especially regarding the amount of debt incurred and repetitive special assessments.”
  • “Yearly HOA fee is too high and includes an additional amenity fee”
  • “road conditions and lack of money to operate and modernize”
  • “worried about the future with all infrastructure aging”
  • "The current owners are paying for past/current owners financial mistakes.”
  •         Jesse Parker, President addressed each comment.  The board is working towards  following the current rules and regulations in order to move the community in better shape and  more financially secure.            

Finance (Robert)

  • RMZ
  • Run through current financials
  • Assessment update
      Robert from RMZ went over financials and fielded questions from owners.  To date, we have 3 owners that are deliquent and if not paid by 7/15, we will file liens with the court at that time.

Legal (Jesse)

  • Difference between common, limited common, and homeowner responsibility
  • Where current improvement areas lie according to these definitions
  • What we’re doing to try and alleviate a lot of the cost:
  • Power-washing and painting for the next 2 years
  • Suggest utilizing your homeowner’s insurance for any other damages (roofs, foundations, etc.)
  • Aside from those suggestions, what do you think we could do to rectify this situation in a fair way (and how should we pay for it)?
  • Jesse Parker, President, went over the differences between common/limited common and homeowner responsibility in depth.  They read an email from our attorney stressing that we need to be in compliance with keeping with our current Rules and By-laws.  Jesse fielded questions from the owners.  Owners concerns that more of the financial responsibility is now on their shoulders and what are our fees going toward now.  Jesse advised that their board is currently working within the By-laws and Rules and Regulations in order to build up reserves so that when the next major community project comes up that we hopefully will not have an assessment and perhaps even lower our monthly maintenance fees.


What has been completed (Jackie)

  • Property maintenance slideshow

What’s going to be completed (Joe- Prestige)

  • Power-washing
  • Landscaping (tree removal, building 10, grass seed)
  • Gutters
  • Drainage (building 10 area)
  • Roads and expanding/cleaning up parking area

There was a recommendation from the owners to look into partial paving with the monies already secured.  The board will look into this to see what’s possible.

Major Projects (Jay)

  • Water issues and how we’re addressing them
  • Filters - how can we ensure these get changed? (discussion)    
  • Whirlpool WHA4BF5 Compatible Large Capacity Carbon Whole Home Replacement Filter
     $19.74-$34.48 - Similar to water filters used in years past (prior to Chuck)
  • Estimate based upon lower price range - approximately $20x42 units x 2 filters per year + tax=$1780.80 per year
  • Board will look into how we can address the issue of every unit owner changing water filters for the good of the community.
  • Retaining walls (handled on a case by case basis until we have a surplus of cash  to tackle this project in its entirety.