2019-01-23 Working Group Template


  • Gather enough interest around a topic to form a working group
  • Articulate the working group’s reason to exist
  • Talk to the core team about creating a new working group
  • Find 2 people to lead the team together
  • Draft a planning document


  • Create a channel on discord
  • Create a GitHub organization
  • Create a team repo on the organization
  • Create a maintainers team on the organization
  • Ensure 2-factor auth (2FA) is required for each member
  • Reference the Rust Code of Conduct in the team repo
  • Create a logo
  • Create a twitter account
  • Ensure 2FA is setup

Scheduling Meetings

  • Create a Paper document to track meeting agenda’s (1 document for all agendas)
  • Agree on a regular interval to meet
  • How often will the WG meet?
  • Articulate which timezones this is for
  • Clarify which audience this is for (e.g. open office vs. team meeting)
  • Decide on whether to do video meetings or text meetings
  • In case of a video meeting:
  • Secure a method to meet, zoom.us is recommended
  • Secure a way to record meetings
  • Talk to the right people (Note(yw): I don’t know who!) to be able to upload recordings to the rustlang Youtube channel
  • Setup a recurring meeting
  • Create a GitHub issue before every meeting on the teams repository announcing the next meeting


  • Have someone lead the meeting
  • Wait for everyone to join
  • In case of a video meeting:
  • Announce the meeting will be recorded
  • Announce people can “video block” themselves if they do not want to be recorded
  • Announce when recording starts
  • Go over agenda
  • Wrap up meeting
  • Mention when the next meeting will take place
  • If video: stop recording, and upload to Youtube
  • If text: copy text conversation and submit a PR to the team repo for the meeting notes