2018 Annual HOA Meeting Agenda
Saturday, July 7, 2018, 1-3pm
Location: Ridgewood Country Estates Clubhouse

Call to order - Tim O’Connell
  • Introductions of all homeowners present
  • Meeting ground rules
  • Recording and/or sharing of information with non-homeowners is strictly prohibited. 
Property Report: Chuck Dominie- Property Manager, East Point Property Services

Challenges, Obstacles & Project Status Updates
  • Roads
  • Joan Woolam asked about the roads being done and what the long term plan is. Chuck explained we are still sealing the holes and that’s why the the filler is coming out. Joan asked why we haven’t moved forward with an assessment yet. Tim said we do an assessment, refinance existing loan, or raise dues. 
  • Stewarts asked about how we are looking at making the decision. Tim said we need to do an assessment and an increase in dues. 
  • Elizabeth said the budget only allows for us to cover our operating expenses and we need to get the money by other means. 
  • Homeowner said paving the roads doesn’t solve the conditions of the roads. Chuck said they will seal, put 4in, and then seal again so the current roads are extra footing. 
  • Tim and Chuck said there needs to be a maintenance program put in place to keep the conditions of the roads, well.
  • Stewart asked how we issue and plan payment terms of assessments. 
  • It would be more expensive to do it in phases. Chuck said there wasn’t project supervision and there will be moving forward. 
  • Jackie mentioned that the assessment is due after the quarter it’s agreed on.
  • Condition of common area between buildings 10 and 11
  • Chuck said he’s getting to this next and is going to clean that up.
  • Joan wants a landscaping committee and planting flowers. Amy and Joan are interested in starting a landscaping committee. Joan says when there is no sprinkler system and Chuck says he does water them. Joan said there are plants that work and those that don’t. 
  • Chuck (12D’s daughter) was looking to put a garden by building 6, not Ridgewood. 
  • Homeowners should bring things to the committe and board re: landscaping with their own units. 
  • Jackie wants to be a point person on the committee Jesse will work with the group to put process in place.
  • Drainage
  • Repairs and association/homeowner responsibilities
Treasurers’ Report: Elizabeth Karl, Co-Treasurer; Jody Berube, Treasurer

  • FY 2017-2018 Association Budget
  • FY 2018-2019 Association Budget
  • PPL exceeded the budget. Projects need to take place first but ways to cut back on these expenses will be discussed after.
  • We had the special assessment funds to work with on additional repairs. 
  • Jesse will get with Elizabeth for a treasurers report. 
  • We’re close with revenue and expenses and have not been able to increase reserve, so we may need to to that through a special assessment.
  • Special Assessment Update
Secretary’s Report - Jesse Parker

  • What has gone well/where can we improve?
  • Quarterly financial reports, accurate project deadlines, decisions being made at board meetings. Anything else?
  • When dates change, email homeowners. Update mailChimp.
  • Got the shared directory in next newsletter and help Amy grant get into the website.
New Name and Branding
  • New sign should be installed by August 1st. The sign is being fabricated and Chuck and his crew will be installing to save money.