2010s Week 2 

Editorial Strategies

Untitled (thoughts for a title…) – Patrick Gantert and Nicole Killian

Apricots from the Damascus Room Issue 06 – Atif Akin (2015)
A zine exploring art making in a state of mobility and exile, with a specific focus on Istanbul and current artist communities.
Apricots are symbols representing mobility and language in the region and they were a common export from the area. This issue explores the Damascus Room at the Met and continues the correlation with the arrangement of adjacent galleries at Metropolitan Museum of Art with the trade routes of the apricot and the trajectory of the present-day Syrian refugee: from Damascus, to Turkey, to Greece, and, through the museum’s exit, to New York City and the West.

library of the printed web and the queer.archive.work – Paul Soulellis (2018 – )