2010s Critique
Critique process: Introduce your project and then you or someone in your group of your choice will read your text. We’ll discuss the project after that.

The person “on deck” is the first responder, that means you’ll respond first when the presentation is over. The person after the first responder is the note taker, who will record the highlights of our discussion on this document.

Cluster 1

Trudy (1R: Calen, Notetaker: Adelai)
Calen (1R: Trudy, Notetaker: Maya)
Adelai (1R: Maya, Notetaker: Chris)
Maya (1R: Chris, Notetaker: Joyce)
Assignment: Process page

Cluster 2

Chris (1R: Joyce, Notetaker: Anisa)
Joyce (1R: Anisa, Notetaker: Emiliano)
Anisa (1R: Emiliano, Notetaker: Scarlet)
Emiliano (1R: Scarlet, Notetaker: Tata)
Assignment: Social Media Templates

Cluster 3

Scarlet (1R: Tata, Notetaker: Aira)
Tata (1R: Aira, Notetaker: Amal)
Aira (1R: Amal, Notetaker: Trudy)
Amal (1R: Trudy, Notetaker: Calen)
Assignment: Participants page


Note Sheet (Link your project to your name and take notes here)

  • Great interpretation of internet English
  •  The tone of narration makes the post memorable
  • The visuals are relatable
  • The almost apathetic tone of conversation works well and speaks volumes about conversations in internet English
  • There’s an opportunity to visually demonstrate how our “dictionary” has changed over time
  • Expand the age range
  • The speech bubbles could have been abstracted
  • Another suggestion was to play around with animations



Click module can be active to enhance interaction
Add movement to mimic experience of using phones on trains
Lost of link between writings and images? 
What if use more abstract and personal visuals?
Writing and pacing are engaging