2. Storyplacing


1. Storyplacing Season 1

  • 2014 - 16: A bilateral and interdisciplinary project funded by JSPS and AF
  • Co-Design of Digital Storytelling System with Geographic Information
  • “Storyplacing” was a bilateral project organized by Finnish and Japanese researchers. They were interested in everyday stories that link to place - the local, the physical - and how technologies and cultural activities could support the stories expressed and shared in the communities.
  • The project also aims to build a new transdisciplinary approach combining media and communication research, urban planning, participatory design, and action research. In particular, Digital Storytelling(DST), Expanded Participatory Design(EPD), and SoftGIS(Geographic Information System) are tied together and explored as the methodology.

  • Telephonoscope: A device and workshop program for micro-digital storytelling

2. Storyplacing Season 2

  • 2016-2021: Community Archives Design for the Sustainable Local Society
  • Collaborative research among urban planner, AI researcher, information designer and media researcher (Representative: Rikutaro Manabe)
  • Social cooperation among Bunkyo Furusato History Museum, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo Cable Network, Univ. of Tokyo, Neighborhood association

  • “Your Sights Storytellings” (당신의 명소 이야기 하기, あなたの名所ものがたり)   2016-present

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