1on1 roster for Team X

Pick a weekly* slot


Start - End

Start - End

Start - End


<Manager’s own 1on1>




* If weekly is just too much fortnightly is also acceptable. All the stuff I’ve read say weekly is better.

Things we can chat about

To help you prepare for our 1on1s here are some possible discussion topics (there are many other things we should and can talk about):

  • How you are doing as a human
  • How your work-life balance is at the moment
  • How your personal growth is going
  • How your personal plan for the quarter is going
  • Anything else you want to talk about
  • What <Manager's name> can do to make my life better

Channels for 1on1s

Face to face is the best, followed by <Video tool> and third place goes to telephone call.