Algorave @ Støberiet

13:00: Get In and setup
15:00: Sound Check
18:00: Doors open
18:30: Thibaut
19:00: Relaxnow && LIO KILA 
19:30: Mace && Relaxnow 
20:00: Live Stream (B2B jam)
- Ekkoflok
- Mace
- Terminal 
- Relaxnow
21:15: Ekkoflok && darch 
22:00: Terminal --void (30 min) && rand
22:45: Wieland && darch
23:30: Tak for i aften

>> Terminal --void (DK) plays techno-industrial on code (Sonic Pi) and synthesizers. The music emerges from algorithms and randomness, facilitated by the cooperation between him and his computer.

>> darch (DK) on Improviz, which is a live-coding environment built for creating visual performances of abstract shapes, blurred shaders and broken GIFs. 

>> Ekkoflok (DK) Exploring sounds and circuits - this night in the domain of bits and bytes using PureData for slowly evolving drones with various feedback techniques and bytebeats; the purest form of raw sound generation in the digital domain.

>> Relaxnow (DK) is inspired by the process of finding flow, entering the "now" by doing live coding and sharing this with others.

>> LIO KILA (DK) on visuals

>> Mace (FI) plays with Lego, plants, ORCA, TidalCycles or PureData or who knows

>>Thibaut Camdessus (FR) The visuals and the sound are triggered live using a Processing script that blends samples. The sound track features samples of Ligeti, Shostakovich and Mozart.

>> rand (DK) on his homemade visual explorative instrument called “niseq” for finding interesting relations between single images or groups of images - which enables one to work in an intuitive and immediate way with footage.

>> Svend Sømod (DK) on drinks and CSS

Copenhagen Music Maker Space og Live Coders Collective Copenhagen åbner låge nr. 18 ind til en aften med musik og visuals alt sammen programmeret live on-the-fly.

Live coding is a new direction in electronic music and video art and consists of improvising music and visuals using on-the-fly programming, that is by writing and editing code in real time.
The computer screens of the performers will be projected as part of the stage setup for the audience to also enjoy the art of coding and to demystify algorithms as something that is out of our control.