12.8.17 Minutes PGO Core Leadership Meeting
12/8/17  PGO Core Leadership Meeting 
Present: Becky Miller, Toni Cunningham, Irene Dujovne, Sheilah Jones, Kerry Crosby and Lisa Berry

Giving Tuesday final Numbers and update/Spring Tag Sale
5th and 6th grade concert receptions and similar events moving forward
Update regarding past action items
Brainstorming how to make school PGO meetings more interactive
Lining up the next school pro presentation
Volunteer Status

Reviewed Giving Tuesday 
We met our goal but you can still give!
Toni Cunningham will send something to Anita Rao before 8:30 tonight to get it on the blog with 
The totals and a reminder that these are tax deductible 
The more we have, the more we can do. 

Other fundraising:
  • Chorus Reception on 12/13/17 
  • -If we don’t host something after the concert, some people go out for ice cream and others aren’t able to and feel left out
  • -In future, 5th and 6th grade class parents need to be aware that they need to organize the post-chorus recital gathering, we should make them aware in September
  • -This will come together quickly if we send out a sign-up link to class parents and ask them to forward that to their classes.

  • Tag Sale 
  • -Suggestions have been made to have a tag sale
  • -Funds raised would go to 6th grade graduation ceremony celebration (if we don’t have something, some kids go out to lunch and others aren’t able to)
  • -If this were always organized by 5th grade parents, and supported by 5th grade students, it might be a model that could be replicated each year
  • -All funds could go to 6th grade ceremony, anything left would go to 5th graders’ ceremony the following year
  • -Fort River already does this, coordinator should talk to Fort River coordinator, specifically about managing left over stuff
  • -Becky Miller will contact volunteers about the possibility of assisting with Tag Sale coordination
  • -Talk to Fort River coordinator
  • -Talk to Nick to ensure this is OK
  • -Enlist assistance, esp from other 5th grade class parents

  • Dance Fundraiser
  • Lisa Berry will follow up with the organizer of the dance fundraiser regarding: 
  • whether or not she has met with Nick, 
  • when the dance will be, and 
  • whether she envisions this being school wide or just 6th grade.

Teacher appreciation after the Chorus Recital on 12/13 was discussed.  
  • It was decided that a $20 share gift card would be given to for each teacher in a gift bag 
  • Lisa Berry will purchase these and organize the kids to present

Idea regarding CORI
  • Irene Dujovne suggested that we include CORI forms in beginning of the year stuff with volunteer sheets to make it more obvious that volunteers need to start this process

Enchanted Circle: 5th grade funds toward Enchanted Circle were cut in half so that 4th grade