🍏 11/3. Project 3 Critique

👯 Team Critique

7.00 – 9.40pm | Instructor Meetings

Sign-up for an instructor meeting with your teammate. Join our class Zoom main room at your assigned time.
Team members
Project 3 URL
Jess & Tegwen
Mark & Thao & Samantha
Vern & Dong
10 min

Grace & Yining

Karan & Roulin
Shinee & Tina

Peer Review

7.00 – 8.00pm | Small Group Meetings

In your paired teams, present your Project 3 initial entry and concept. Provide written feedback to each other based on the following discussion questions in Slack tonight.

  • What is the team’s approach for selecting and curating content for the notebook? 
  • What other content from this semester (guest lectures, discussion questions, readings, films, student projects) would be supportive to this idea?

  • What’s the form and design of the digital notebook? 
  • What platform (if third party product) is hosting the notebook? How might they “hack the system” to make it do something unexpectedly?
  • How can they experiment with form using other media or platforms (writing, image, video, audio, performance, tweets, posts, etc)?

  • How is the work going to be distributed between team members? 
  • What are each of your unique interests/skills? How can you include your expertise in the creation and curation of this team’s notebook?

Room 1: Shinee + Tina <> Mark + Thao + Sammi <> Tegwen + Jess 
Room 2: Yining + Grace <> Vern + Dong <>  Karan + Ruolin 

Homework for WE 11/10

📖 Read

✍🏼 Write
  • Write 2 questions from the readings here for discussion by Wednesday 11/10 at 12pm ET

 👩‍🎤 Guest Lecture 11/10 at 7pm