📣10/6. Project 2: Final Presentation
7.00pm–9:40pm | All Class
  • Upload documentation (pdf, .mp4, jpeg) of your project with “First-Lastname.pdf” in the Google Drive folder

5 min presentation, 5 min peer critique

7.10pm: Shinee, crit led by Grace
7.20pm: Tina, crit led by Mark
7.30pm: Ruolin, crit led by Thao
7.40pm: Mark, crit led by Vern
7.50pm: Tegwen, crit led by Karan
8.00pm: Dong, crit led by Yining

8.10: Break

8.30pm: Grace, crit led by Tina
8.40pm: Jess, crit led by Tegwen
8.50pm: Thao, crit led by Shinee
9.00pm: Vern, crit led by Ruolin
9.10pm: Karan, crit led by Dong
9.20pm: Yining, crit led by Jess

Critique Questions
  • Does the manifesto take a clear position? Does it challenge or provoke you?
  • Does the form (medium, format, experience) effectively communicate the message?
  • How does the design relate to the writing? 
  • What is the typography like? Why does it look the way it does?
  • What have you learned about yourself and your convictions through the manifesto writing and design process?
  • How does the form/channel effect how it’s received by an audience?

Homework for WE 10/13

📖 Read

  • Write 1 question from the readings here for discussion by Wednesday 10/13 at 12pm ET 

 👩‍🎤 Guest Lecture 10/13 at 7pm