1. Table Of Contents
  1. Resource Swap Board: Post your needs and offers to help! The Big Data Hubs are designing a platform to facilitate this. If you’re interested to help lead the effort, contact us at info@westbigdatahub.org! 
  1. Lessons Learned + Best Practices, Favorite Resources WhiteBoard: Share your thoughts and resources here 
  1. Breakout Session Workspace/Summaries:
  1. Tech Logistics: Datasets, Infrastructure, Tools to make a hackathon successful (Christine Kirkpatrick)
  1. Teams & Personnel: Partners and roles needed (Rene Baston) 
  1. Communication & Engagement: “How To” Before, During, and After the Hackathon (Annie Burgess)
  1. Design & Form Factor: Planning the Agenda and Participant Experience (Nick Baguley)
  1. Other and Challenges (Remote Participation: Laura Noren and Dave Goodsmith)
  1. Promo to Share: Connecting the #datahackworkshop Community: links to blogposts, tweets, media coverage and your guest blogposts about the workshop + twitter handles for participants

Also check out our Slack Channel to continue the conversation (if someone from your email domain has previously joined, you should be able to — otherwise email info@westbigdatahub.org and we will send an invite!)

All Resources, the Agenda, Speaker Bios, and Links will remain available at http://westbigdatahub.org/datahackworkshop. Please join the WBDIH Mailing List to stay connected and receive updates about upcoming activities and opportunities!