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Launching New Congregation


Welcome to Easter 2018


Merry Christmas From Eric 2019


New Devotionals


Year End Giving Letter 2019

What an incredible year this has been! 

We launched our Exceptional Families ministry, added another service, grown our youth programs and witnessed hundreds of people put their faith in Jesus for the first time. 

And that’s only in Irvine! We’ve also seen God move and grow the ministries at Mariners Huntington Beach and around the world through our Global Partners. 

As many of you know, your giving empowers this life-change. We receive nearly 25% of our annual budget in the month of December. In this season, we hope you’ll prayerfully consider giving to Mariners as we continue to put our trust in His plans. 

If you haven’t previously given to Mariners, this is a great opportunity to take your first step on a journey of generosity and watch how God uses the money to transform your life and the lives of others. 

If you already give consistently, I want to say thank you. Thank you for joining Mariners as we respond to God’s call to give out of the abundance He’s given to us. 
In whatever part of your journey you’re on, you can give online here or at any of our weekend services.
I’m so excited for the years to come as we faithfully pursue His will for our church. Jesus will use your giving to produce so much fruit and plant seeds for even more growth in the future. 
In Christ,

Year End Giving 2019 Follow Up Email


End of Fiscal Year 2018

Hi Mariners, 

As a kid I always loved summer. I could stay up later, play longer, and go on some new adventures. Actually, I still love summer for those same reasons. Regardless of your summer plans, I hope you have a great and exciting summer.