Influence with Purpose: How to Identify, Execute and Measure Your DevRel Strategy 

4 man-made at all API first in developer friendly
and technically it was old but all ticklish boxes
the platform wasn't really usable by developers in terms of people knowing about it will having documentation sdks next we been able to consume those apis
after we built that platform I was kinda like let's get some people using it and I realise that you wanted something off your definitions program have to make that happen
and it's held on to death row
this framework that I'm going to talk about and talk you through
is a way to help you save time and if
really trustful on those activities you undertake with your overall goal of what you're trying to achieve
jobs you maintain Focus so babe been able to measure all those activities going to taking you can make sure that the effort you put into this piece of activities is actually meeting what you're trying to achieve as well
help to get support in buying now this is really important in my case where we needed at the business listed be sponsoring and standing behind or trying to achieve
present for the what we're trying to do an extraction methodical way
executive support and sponsorship from Bedworth in the business to actually let us go ahead and do this
the framework doesn't measure the overall goal of Devolo what you were trying to achieve instead it tries to measure the specific activities that you doing
and then always activities are lying to the overall goal that you have the new kind of hoping that by measuring this exhibition moving yourself in the right direction towards that goal that you have
looks something like this you start off with your vision or light by which should have breakdown interest 42 statements
adjectives and then below that you have your activities with your day-to-day things that you can take and do
the first part of that is the Vision and the vision essentially you know where are you trying to go what's the reason for actually undertaken it developer relations program within your business
do you like to use for this one is that if you look at that straps that I had up before the division is your destination it's where you're trying to go with this
going on from that is the strategy straight it's going to get you to achieving that Vision
I like to think of these is that a group of Strategic statements that you put together which I'll explain a bit more it where they're on about how you're going to achieve that fish
if the Vision is where you want to go this planet is essentially how you gonna close that gap of getting to where you want to be
dollar to think of the strategy as the roads your destination
division and then you've got your roads which formulate that strategy
another strategy comes your objectives
and the objectives I I like to look at them as high level groupings or headings for the activities around 8
I want to when I was the final adaptors for message Media I looked at the strategic statements that we had and look for some of the nouns in those and decided from those what our objectives would be
what is a single word which again I'll explain a bit more in weather
live how we're going to get to that strategic statement and achieve that specific thing that were trying to do which leads us on to meaning of vision
getting back to mine Elegy so we've got our destination which is the Vision
like to look at the objectives instead of white points along the way things to make sure that you're on the right track and getting to where you want to go which again your destination is your visa
underneath your objectives or the initially second attack or electronic activities as well as all the day-to-day things that you do as patio door for all programme that help you
we want to be
good examples in talks today about the different activities you can depend on what you trying to do
these activities should have feet under each objective and subjective that you have
which airline reservation
so are you to actually get to where you wanna go
last part of the energy that I've been talking through here
fishing is the destination and Astra g of the roads that take us there and the objectives of the white points along the way
you at home by 2 instead of steps of how to get there
auto mapping in elderly help you to remember the structure of that frame
how does it help with their flautas what are presented so far is kind of is there a very generic polymer framework and uses for sort of anything so you gonna write it in it's not specific stipulations
useful really helpful in terms of how extracted out of programming not buying from a business decide what we're gonna do and make sure that all those things were doing are aligned to what we were trying to watch
the first part of it I found very useful it made it very miserable
We're breaking it down in that fashion we can have measurements around 8 those activities and make them make sure that what we're doing
we measure in to see how it was affected what will the overall 21
secondly extraction so that again really help with buying from the business and people who are paying for a free program
it's forget it's a new thing in Australia it's quite a abstract Concepts and I want to sell that includes developers